"Welcome to the Skating Rink! You don't even need skates to skate here! We have three amazing courses: Amateur, Pro, and Champion. Pick your course, step on the switch, then gun it to the treasure!"
Slippery Station Sprite

Slippery Station, also known as the Skating Rink, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A remote area which is located in the northeastern section of the Snow Realm. It can only be reached after Link acquires a Force Gem from Steem. The area houses a dungeon-like structure, where Link can collect treasure. To do this, he will have to choose from three "slippery races" which open corresponding doors. To reach the door with treasure, Link needs to run on ice as fast as possible. There are three levels of difficulty. The first prize is a "Big Gold Rupee" worth 300 Rupees, the second prize is a treasure worth 500 Rupees, and the final prize is a rare treasure, worth 2,500 Rupees.

Slippery Station

Slippery Station

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