"You got a Skull Necklace! You can keep it in your Spoils Bag. This rather off-putting accessory would appear to be of little value, but shown to the right person, it is apparently of great worth."
— In-game description

Skull Necklaces are items from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They are taken from Moblins and stored in Link's Spoils Bag. Link can obtain Skull Necklaces by either defeating Moblins or by using the Grappling Hook to steal them. If obtained in the latter way, the particular Moblin will amusingly gape in shock for a second and the Necklace will disappear from around its neck.

Skull Necklaces can be given to Maggie's Father and Dampa for rewards. The first time Link gives Maggie's Father 20 Skull Necklaces, he gives him a Treasure Chart in return, since he is "feeling good today"; afterward, he will pay Link Rupees for any Skull Necklaces given to him. If Link gives three Skull Necklaces to Dampa, he will let Link play the pig catching mini-game, where Link has two minutes to find his three pigs hidden throughout Windfall Island and return them to him. If Link successfully accomplishes this, Dampa rewards the hero with a Purple Rupee worth 50 Rupees.

Like all spoils in the game, Link also has the option to sell Skull Necklaces to Beedle. The merchant will buy Skull Necklaces for 5 Rupees apiece.


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