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"In three days' time, the moon will fall and destroy the land of Termina. At least, it will if Skull Kid has any say in the matter. Thankfully, Young Link put an end to that. Skull Kid is a mischievous little imp who inherited fearsome powers after stealing Majora's Mask. Despite causing widespread destruction and chaos, he is actually very protective of his friends. Equipped with an ocarina, a trumpet, his companions, Tatl and Tael, and of course the terrifying power of Majora's Mask itself, Skull Kid is a serious threat to anyone around him."
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Skull Kid (スタルキッド Stalkid?, Hylian SHylian KHylian UHylian LHylian LHylian KHylian IHylian D) is a playable character from Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. He is based on the Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.


Skull Kid is a mischievous soul who has a habit for causing trouble. Despite the mischief he causes, he protective of his friends. However due to Majora's corrupting influence, Skull Kid's mischievous nature is taken to the extreme and most of his positive traits are gone. As Majora's Puppet, he is as dangerous and unpredictable as Majora itself.


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Little is known about Skull Kid's background. What is known is that he is a member of the Skull Kid race that live in the Lost Woods, who are believed to have been children who had become lost in the forest and transformed into Skull Kids, similar to how adults are said to transform into Stalfos. Like most of its brethren, Skull Kid has a love of music and a dislike for adults.

The Four Giants of Termina

According to the Legend of the Four Giants, the Skull Kid's origins are tied to the alternate world of Termina. Originally, Skull Kid was a small imp who befriended the four guardian deities of Termina when the land of Termina was small. Eventually the land grew and the Four Giants left to watch over the four regions of Termina. However the imp misinterpreted their intentions and thought they had abandoned him. Feeling abandoned and angry, the imp tormented the people of Termina with his pranks and mischief. The Four Giants, being the protectors of the people, gave their friend the choice to either return to the heavens or be torn apart by them.

The imp returned to the heavens, but somehow managed to descend to Termina again in the form of a Skull Kid. Presumably, the imp actually ended up in the Lost Woods in Hyrule and was presumably transformed into a Skull Kid by the forest's magic or the story of the true events became misinterpreted over time and the imp was actually a Skull Kid from Hyrule who had wandered into Termina and after his falling out with them, the Four Giants actually forced the Skull Kid to return to Hyrule.

Era of the Hero of Time

During the Era of the Hero of Time, the young Hero of Time became friends with Skull Kid, teaching him Saria's Song and even selling him the Skull Mask. However when he returned to the Lost Woods as an adult, the Skull Kid and its brethren became hostile towards their former playmate. The Hero of Time would later save the land of Hyrule from Ganondorf and was returned to the past by Princess Zelda to relieve his stolen childhood.

Tatl and Tael

At some point after he had parted ways with the Four Giants, while taking shelter in a hollow log during a rainstorm on Termina Field, Skull Kid encountered the fairy siblings, Tatl and Tael, who had also taken shelter there. Noticing that he was shivering from the cold damp air, Tatl and Tael took pity on him and snuggled up with him to keep him warm. After the storm passed, Skull Kid was happy to have found some new friends and the siblings joined up with Skull Kid as his fairy partners, joining Skull Kid in his mischief.

The Happy Mask Salesman

At some point, Skull Kid and his fairy companions attacked and robbed the Happy Mask Salesman. While Skull Kid was going through the Salesman's backpack, he found a mask that caught his attention. Unbeknownst to Skull Kid, the mask he found was the evil Majora's Mask which had been once used by a tribe known as the Ancient Ones in their hexing rituals, before it became so dangerous that they were forced to seal it away, until the Happy Mask Salesman had somehow obtained the mask, only to have it stolen by Skull Kid.

Majora's Puppet

Upon donning the mask, Skull Kid obtained great dark magical powers, which he used to cause all sorts of mischief. However as he wore it and used its power, he was slowly corrupted by its influence. He even attacked his former friend, the Hero of Time as he was traveling through the Lost Woods, stealing both his horse Epona and the Ocarina of Time. The Hero of Time chased after Skull Kid and ended up following him all the way to Termina. Under the mask's influence, Skull Kid transformed the Hero of Time into a Deku Scrub, presumably using the spirit of the Deku Butler's son as part of his curse, resulting in the young Deku Scrub's death. He even left behind his fairy companion, Tatl as she was busy fighting with the Hero of Time, forcing her to team up with him to return to her brother.

Now completely under the mask's influence, Skull Kid caused mayhem and death throughout Termina. He sent his minions, Odolwa, Goht, Gyorg, and Twinmold to capture the Four Giants. He cursed Biggoron, turning him invisible and causing him to spew a cold wind from his mouth to prevent anyone from reaching Snowhead Temple, which resulted in the death of the Goron Hero, Darmani the Third. He convinced the Gerudo Pirates to steal Lulu's Zora Eggs, leading to fatal consequences for the Zora Guitarist Mikau. He also turned the groom-to-be Kafei into a child, resulting in the theft of his Sun Mask by Sakon and caused the Great Fairies to be shattered into Stray Fairies. Finally, he summoned the Moon to destroy the land of Termina. Tael realized that Skull Kid had been corrupted by the Mask and attempt to tell his sister and the Hero of Time when they confronted Skull Kid atop the Clock Tower to seek out the Four Giants to stop the Moon. Fortunately, the Hero of Time recovered the Ocarina of Time and used its power to transport himself back in time three days, allowing him and Tatl to seek out the Four Giants. With the aid of the Happy Mask Salesman, the Hero of Time was able to return to his Hylian form, obtaining a mask containing the spirit of the Deku Butler's son allowing him to transform into a Deku at will. Using the song that he learned from the salesman, he used it to transform both the spirits of Darmani and Mikau into masks allowing him to use their forms in his quest.

Majora and The Fierce Deity

After freeing the Four Giants, the Hero of Time summoned them to the Clock Tower to stop the Moon from destroying Termina. This caused the mask to lose control of Skull Kid, however it was determined to destroy Termina, taking control of the Moon itself. Leaving Skull Kid in the care of Tael, the Hero of Time and Tatl journeyed to the Moon to stop the mask once and for all. There they found a mysterious green field with a tree in the middle and encountered the Lunar Children wearing the masks of Majora and its minions. The Hero of Time traded masks to each of the four children, until the lone child wearing Majora's Mask was all that remained. The Majora Child offered to play a game with the Hero, giving him the Fierce Deity's Mask to play the role of the "True Bad Guy". He was then transported to a room where he fought Majora's Mask and the Boss Remains. Via the power of the Fierce Deity's Mask, the Hero of Time destroyed Majora's Wrath causing the Moon to disappear saving the land of Termina.

The Hero and the Imp

Following the battle, the Happy Mask Salesman revealed that the evil within Majora's Mask was gone and reclaimed the now powerless mask. Skull Kid learned that the Giants had not abandoned him and thanked the Hero of Time who's scent reminded him of the Kokiri boy he had befriended in Hyrule. He also made amends with his fairy companions Tatl and Tael, who forgave him as he had been under the mask's evil influence.

Era of Twilight

In the Era of Twilight, another incarnation of the Skull Kid appeared living in the Sacred Grove near the ruins of the Temple of Time. This Skull Kid acted as the guardian of the Sacred Grove, scaring off any would be trespassers with his Puppets. Like the original Skull Kid, he was a playful soul who enjoyed playing games and pranks. When the descendant of the Hero of Time appeared seeking the Master Sword to restore himself to Hylian form after he had become stuck in his divine wolf form follow a disastrous confrontation with the Usurper King of Twilight, Zant, the Skull Kid appeared when he howled Saria's Song near a Howling Stone found within the grove. The Skull Kid decided to play a game of Hide-and-Seek with the heroic wolf, ultimately leading him to the location of the ruins of the Temple of Time and the Master Sword's resting place, allowing the current incarnation of the Hero to regain his Hylian form and claim the Blade of Evil's Bane in the process.

Later during his search for the shards of the Mirror of Twilight, the Hero encountered the Skull Kid once more. After beating the Skull Kid once again, the little imp having enjoyed their game, shows him the way to the Temple of Time, allowing him to obtain the Mirror Shard found within the Temple in the past.

Though this Skull Kid is not seen again by the Hero, it is implied that he continues to watch over the forest from the shadows, as his lantern and Puppets can be seen in the grove.

War Across the Ages

Somehow Skull Kid wearing Majora's Mask and with his fairy companions Tatl and Tael, ended up in Faron Woods during the War Across the Ages. However even though he was under the Mask's influence, Skull Kid was not as dangerous as he was in Termina and retained his friendship with his fairy companions, even while under the Mask's influence. Though he was not as dangerous, Skull Kid was still a force to be reckoned with thanks to the power of Majora's Mask. Stealing a Fairy Ocarina, Skull Kid along with his fairy companions engaged in his typical brand of mischief alongside his army of monsters, the Skull Kid's Forces.

Linkle's Tale: The Girl in the Green Tunic

After Linkle became lost in the forest while on her way to Hyrule Castle to aid the Hyrulean Forces, she encountered the masked Skull Kid. Stealing Linkle's Compass, Skull Kid led her merry chase through Faron Woods, which led to a confrontation between his forces and Linkle's army of Cuccos. Much like his Era of Twilight incarnation, he teleported between various keeps within Faron Woods taunting Linkle and sending his minions to distract her. However unbeknownst to Skull Kid, Linkle's Compass possessed a mysterious and powerful magic, which unleashed a blinding light that dazed Skull Kid, allowing Linkle to defeat him. Eventually Majora regained control over Skull Kid and vowed he would return to take Linkle's Compass. However despite this, Linkle never encounters Skull Kid again as presumably he either returned his own time or ended up back in Termina.


Skull Kid Ocarina (Hyrule Warriors)

Skull Kid possesses many abilities possessed by members of the Skull Kid race, such as teleportation, musical skill, and a talent for causing mischief. However via the dark power of Majora's Mask, Skull Kid gains far greater powers such as levitation, dark magic, the ability to fire laser beams from the Mask's eyes, and the ability to summon the Moon. Using his Ocarina, Skull Kid can command Tatl & Tael to attack in tandem. In addition to Majora's Mask and his Ocarina, Skull Kid also carries his Trumpet that he can use to summon Puppets like his incarnation from Twilight Princess.

Moveset & Weapons



When encountered as an enemy, Skull Kid briefly appears invisible save for Majora's Mask before coming into full view after Tatl and Tael fly toward him while moving his elbows and face around in an erratic manner, similar to his debut appearance in Majora's Mask. Shortly afterwards, he then proceeds to levitate and "recline" while having his "face" violently shake while releasing dark waves of magic, alluding to how he cursed Link into becoming a Deku Scrub in the beginning of the game. He then levitates upward as his name comes up.

In his victory animation, he blows into his ocarina a few times, laughing each time he makes a toot, alluding to his actions regarding the Ocarina of Time he stole from Link shortly before the latter regained consciousness in the opening of Majora's Mask. Afterwards, he then flew off.

Dark Skull Kid

Dark Skull Kid is a Dark shadowy doppelgangers of Skull Kid that appear as enemies in Adventure Mode. They use the same moveset and drop the same Materials as Skull Kid.

Material Drops

Hyrule Warriors Legends Materials Skull Kid's Hat (Silver Material drop)
Hyrule Warriors Legends Materials Majora's Mask (Gold Material)


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