"Zere are three squid groups: a large one, a medium one, und a small one! If vee allow zem to come any closer, zee children on zee island vill be in grave danger! Sailor! Take command of our new radar system to seek out and sink all of zese fiendishly hidden enemies! But be haff only 24 cannonballs zat you can fire. To destroy zee marauding squid pods, you must score four direct hits on zee large, three on zee medium, und two on zee small"

Sinking Ships is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Run by Salvatore on Windfall Island, the game itself is very similar to "Battleship", but the ships are replaced with Big Octos and Link lacks a fleet and opponent to attack him. Link is given 24 shots to sink all three Big Octos; one takes up four squares, one takes up three, and the third takes up two. All of these are placed randomly each time the game is played. The fee to play is 10 Rupees per game.

If Link fails to destroy the three Big Octos in 24 shots, he loses the game. The first time Link wins the game, he is rewarded with a Piece of Heart. The second time he wins, he receives a Treasure Chart. For every subsequent win, Link receives 50 Rupees. If Link completes the game only using twenty shots or less, he will receive another Treasure Chart.

When playing, a hit is denoted on-screen by a yellow star-like symbol, while a miss is represented by a blue "X".

A recurring joke about the mini-game is its incredibly low budget. Salvatore acts out characters by putting his head through cardboard cut-outs, and he indicates whether or not Link has hit a Big Octo by saying "Sploosh" if he has not, or "KA-BOOM!" if he has.


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