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"You got a Shop Guru Statue! This little statue is the apple of every businessman's eye."
— In-game description

The Shop Guru Statue is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is greatly desired by the Traveling Merchant on Greatfish Isle. After trading various items with the Traveling Merchants on Greatfish Isle, Mother & Child Isles and Bomb Island, Link receives the Shop Guru Statue from the merchant on Mother & Child Isles. If Link brings the Shop Guru Statue to the Traveling Merchant on Greatfish Isle, he will receive a Piece of Heart. Additionally, if the Shop Guru Statue is placed on the Windfall Island gate, Kane the sailor will give Link a Purple Rupee, worth 50 Rupees.


The statue displays a miniature figure of Zunari on top of a trophy-like pedestal. The statue of Zunari is made out of gold.

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