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"A mysterious tablet with a glowing center. You've never seen this device before, and yet...there's something familiar about it."
— In-game description

The Sheikah Slate is a key item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is found by Link in the Shrine of Resurrection. A mysterious voice tells him that it will help him along his journey. The slate functions as a map, and is equipped with a scope feature for Link to view faraway parts of Hyrule. Each regional map is unveiled when Link activates a Sheikah Tower with the Slate.

Scope and map pins

A Scope is featured in the Sheikah Slate which allows Link to investigate things from afar or drop pins on objects of interest. These pins shine with a shaft of light similar to beacons from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are only viewed via the scope, map, or mini-map. In addition to these five pins, Link can also edit them with different stamps to mark the location specific object such as a Treasure Chest or weapon. The yellow stamps do not show up when viewed through the scope and only appear on the map and mini-map.


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Main article: Rune

Link can use several Runes after having upgraded the slate from a Shrine's pedestal, upon completion of a related trial offered by a Sheikah Monk. When Link starts the game, the Sheikah Slate is damaged with its data corrupted and missing most of its Rune components. Link receives four Runes from the four Shrines located on the Great Plateau which includes the Remote Bomb, Magnesis, Stasis and Cryonis Runes. The Amiibo Rune can be activated after any one of these runes is obtained. One of the runes is a Camera, and the slate includes an album which holds up to 48 photos taken by the player. Photos of materials, creatures, and treasure are cataloged them into the Hyrule Compendium.

Sheikah Sensor

Link can upgrade the Sheikah Sensor from Impa at Kakariko Village. If Link has a sufficient amount of "Ancient" parts, he can upgrade the Sheikah Sensor, as well as Runes, before the journey back to Impa. According to her diary, Dr. Purah began working on the Sheikah Sensor when she was thirty years old, before the Great Calamity, and took fifty years to complete. If the Sheikah Sensor detects a Shrine, Wolf Link can lead Link to it.

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