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Sheik (シーク Shīku?, Hylian SHylian HHylian EHylian IHylian K) is an incarnation of Sheik from Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. Like the original incarnation from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Sheik serves as the Sheikah alter-ego of Princess Zelda.


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Disappearance of Princess Zelda

After Princess Zelda disappears following the Dark Forces attack on Hyrule Castle, the Hyrulean Forces lead by Impa and Link search the land of Hyrule for the Princess' whereabouts, though find no sign of her. However Impa soon hears word of a young woman leading a resistance group of Hyrulean Soldiers against the Dark Forces in Faron Woods and hoping the young woman is Zelda, Impa and Link decides to lead the Hyrulean Forces to Faron Woods. Unbeknownst to either Impa or Link, Zelda had managed to escape from the Dark Forces and would continue to aid the struggling Hyrulean Forces in secret.

The Sheikah Tribesman

Hyrule Warriors The Sheikah Tribesman The Mysterious Sheikah Warrior Appears (Cutscene)

The Sheikah Warrior Sheik appearing in the Eldin Caves from Hyrule Warriors

In order to reach the forest, the Hyrulean Forces lead by Impa and Link travel through the Eldin Caves, only to be attacked by the Dark Forces lead by the evil Wizzro and end up cornered by a group of Stalchildren and Stalfos lead by a Big Poe. Fortunately, they are saved by the arrival of a mysterious warrior wielding a magical Harp. The warrior informs them that Zelda is not dead and that she will return. The warrior introduces themself as a Sheikah warrior named Sheik, though this claim is doubted by Impa, who is a Sheikah herself. Regardless Sheik joins the Hyrulean Forces in combating the Dark Forces and they manage to fight their way through the caves and come upon a hidden village within Faron Woods.

The Sorceress of the Woods

However instead of Zelda, the find that the Hyrulean resistance is lead by a young sorceress named Lana, who informs them that the Dark Forces are being lead by an evil sorceress named Cia and offers to tell them more if they will help her defend the forest from the invading Dark Forces. Link, Impa, Sheik, and their new ally Lana manage to defeat the Dark Forces including a giant Gohma summoned by Wizzro.

The Sorceress of the Valley

Lana informs them that Cia is using the Gate of Souls in the Valley of Seers to summon monsters to serve in her army and joins Link, Impa, Sheik, and the rest Hyrulean Forces in going to the Valley of Seers in order to put a stop to Cia and her army. Despite being allies, Impa remains distrustful and suspicious of Sheik. Despite this the Hyrulean Forces manage to defeat Volga and a Manhandla summoned by Cia. However Link ends up springing a dark Magic Circle that traps him, Sheik, and Impa (while Lana manages to recognize the nature of the trap and escapes before she can be trap as well). It is then revealed that Sheik possesses Triforce of Wisdom, which Cia steals along with the Triforce of Courage held by Link, combining them with the Triforce of Power possesses by Cia. Using the power of the complete Triforce, Cia is able to distort time and space, opening a Gate of Souls in various Eras, transforming the landscape of Hyrule into a mixture of locations from various era. Link, Lana, Impa, and Sheik decide to separate in three groups, each traveling to one Era in order to close each of the three gateways.

The Two Sheikah & the Land of Myth

Hyrule Warriors The Land of Myth Hey! Listen! (Cutscene)

Sheik & Impa encounter Navi in the Era of the Hero of Time

Sheik decides to join Impa's group of soldiers and they end up on Death Mountain during the Era of the Hero of Time. Still distrustful of Sheik, Impa is puzzled by Sheik's decision to join her and questions Sheik. Sheik claims that Impa is the leader of her Sheikah tribe of origin, however Impa refutes this, pointing out there is no one named Sheik in the tribe she leads and once questions her intentions. However their conversation is interrupted by the appearance of Navi the Fairy, who informs them that Goron Chief Darunia has captured and imprisoned Princess Ruto. She explains that Darunia's personality had changed ever since the appearances of a woman calling herself Zelda. Hoping to find more information this "Zelda", Impa puts aside her misgivings about Sheik and the two lead the Hyrulean Forces in rescuing Ruto from the Goron Forces lead by Darunia. Eventually Sheik discovers that the Gorons are being manipulated by Big Poes and Darunia is restored to normal after he is defeated by the Hyrulean Forces. Wanting to atone for his actions, Darunia releases Princess Ruto and the Goron Force join the Hyrulean Forces in confronting the mysterious person claiming to be Zelda at the Water Tempe in Lake Hylia.

The Water Temple

Hyrule Warriors The Water Temple Sheik exposing the Zelda Imposter with the Lens of Truth (Cutscene)

Sheik using the Lens of Truth on the Zelda imposter

They are shocked to encounter Princess Zelda leading a army of monsters, though Impa and Sheik believe her to be an imposter and become determined to expose her as a fake, resisting her attempt to dissuade the Hyrulean Force from fighting against its princess. Ruto informs them that the Lens of Truth found inside the Water Temple can see passed Illusions. Confronting the Fake Zelda together Sheik and Impa manage to defeat the imposter and Sheik uses the Lens of Truth on her, exposing the imposter as none other than Wizzro of the Dark Forces.

True Identity Revealed

Hyrule Warriors The Water Temple I am Zelda! (Cutscene)

Sheik reveals her true identity as Princess Zelda

Wizzro questions how they could see through his disguise, causing Sheik to reveal herself to be the real Princess Zelda, to the shock and relief of Impa. Confronted by the real Princess Zelda, Wizzro retreats. After revealing her true identity, Zelda apologies to Impa for deceiving her, though Impa is simply happy to know that Zelda is safe and joins Zelda in closing the Gate of Souls. Zelda also apologizes to Link and the Hyrulean Forces upon returning from the Era of the Hero of Time, and returns to her position as leader of the Hyrulean Forces, effectively discarding her disguise (as Sheik's participation, if any in the following The Water Temple scenario is entirely up to the player).

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Hyrule Warriors Sheik Sheikah Warrior (Battle Intro Cutscene)

Sheik wielding a kunai in her battle intro from Hyrule Warriors

As part of her guise as a Sheikah, Sheik wields multiple kunai and fights using her ninja-like agility, while using smoke bombs to help conceal her movements. Like her Ocarina of Time incarnation, Sheik also carries a Harp which she uses to play magic melodies that produce various elemental effects. She also possesses the Triforce of Wisdom, before it is eventually stolen by Cia. She also retains Zelda's ability to perform magic and is capable of transforming into her true form as Zelda.

Moveset & Weapons


Dark Sheik

Hyrule Warriors Sheik Dark Sheik (Dialog Box Portrait)

Dark Sheik from Hyrule Warriors

Dark Sheik is a Dark shadowy doppelgänger of Sheik that appears as enemies in certain Adventure Mode and Challenge Mode scenarios. Dark Sheik uses the same moveset and drops the same Materials as Sheik.

Material Drops


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