"Originally native to mountainous regions, these sheep were domesticated for their wool and have since found a home in villages. Once the fluffy wool grows out, it's harvested and used to make clothing and bedding. They're calm, timid creatures and move about in small herds."
Hyrule Compendium

Sheep are a race of animals from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The main breed is the Highland Sheep which was domesticated from wild sheep once native to the mountainous regions of Hyrule. Highland Sheep are primarily raised in villages such as Hateno Village and in stables found in the Akkala Highlands regions, for their wool used to make clothing and bedding. They are timid and calm animals and move about in small herds. Farmers and shepherds in Hyrule use Hylian Retrievers to keep watch over herds and to protect them from predation by wild animals such as Wolves.

A herd of sheep is involved during the Side quest "The Sheep Rustlers". Koyin puts a notice on a bulletin board in Hateno Village after some of her sheep are stolen by monsters. Link can help her by slaying the monsters who have been stealing her sheep.

As with many animals in Breath of the Wild, sheep can be fed by Link and they eat any ingredients they find on the floor that appeal to them. They can be fed any herbs and flowers.

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