"If you see seagulls flying all around some sea waters, that's a sign you need to be wary, fry. Because the seagulls flock to wherever Big Octos appear... BIG OCTOS, I tell you! Those things don't mess around!"

The Seven-Star Isles are a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Despite its name, it is not really an island at all, but rather seven stone pillars rising above the surface of the Great Sea. A few Kargarocs can be found perched on top of the pillars. The island and surrounding area appears barren, but a 12-eyed Big Octo dwells off the coast in the southwest of the island, and slaying it wins Link a Piece of Heart. Also, a Triforce Shard is hidden below the surface of the water near the Seven-Star Isles.

On one of the lookout towers is a hidden Treasure Chest with a Treasure Chart inside it. Link must defeat Wizzrobes in the area to make it appear.

Interestingly, the pillars of the Seven Star Isles are arranged in the same pattern as the constellation Big Dipper (part of Ursa Major), which can also be seen in-game at night. In French, German, Italian and Spanish, its name refers to the constellation.

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