Unofficial Name

"It's a secret to everybody."
— Secret Parella

Secret Parella is a member of the Parella race found in a cave in Lake Floria in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

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When Link first enters Lake Floria he comes across an area blocked off by several boulders which he can destroy by using the Spin maneuver on some nearby Froaks. Behind one of the boulders is a cave where the Secret Parella was hiding. If Link talks to the Parella, it will beg him not to eat them, as it mistakes Link for one of Ghirahim's henchmen. Eventually the Parella calms down once it learns that Link is not one of Ghirahim's henchmen and will tell Link about Ghirahim's attack. It will offer to show Link how to reach the Water Dragon's chamber on his map but will tell Link to keep it a secret, using the Secret Moblin's infamous quote from The Legend of Zelda.

However, if Link manages to find his way without the Secret Parella's advice and talks to it after healing the Water Dragon, it will thank him for coming to the Water Dragon's aid instead.

Besides the map location, Link can find Hearts inside the Secret Parella's cave.

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