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"A scepter topped with magic crytals that enable it to be used like a whip. Use the Strong Attack button to temporarily add the darkness element to attacks and make you immune to knock-back."
— In-game description

The Scepter is Cia's default weapon moveset in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. It is sort of a cross between a Magical Rod and a flail. Cia uses it to perform magic, attack enemies with the flail mace on the end of the Scepter, and to create Guardian's Gates in order to summon Dark Links to attack her enemies.

Her default level 1 Scepter is the Scepter of Time. Her Level 2 is the Guardian's Scepter which is topped by a Guardian's Gate.

Her Level 3 is the Scepter of Souls which is topped with Cia's version of the Gate of Souls.

Weapon Level


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Magic Crystals

Given there ability to create Guardian's Gates (which act as dimension portals much like the Gate of Time and Gate of Souls) and their association with the Guardian of Time, it is possible that the magic crystals mentioned in its description are actually a form of Timeshift Stone.

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