The Savage Lynel Bow is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is an enhanced Lynel Bow wielded by White-Maned Lynels and Silver Lynels which Link can obtain by defeating them. It is a multi-shot bow that fires three arrows at once per ammunition. It is the strongest of the three Lynel-made bows, each shot inflicts 32 points of damage, and if all three arrows hit the target, it will receive a total 96 points of damage. This bow is rarely added with a 5-shot burst, making the total 160 points of damage. It has high damage and durability, able to cripple most enemies. It can receive powerful upgrades and the power is augmented with its multi-shot capability. This bow is more powerful when used with special arrows.


Damage 32 (x3)
Range 20 (Average)
Durability 45
Bonus Multi-shot (x3)

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