The Sanke Carp is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a curative item that restore Link's health by refilling one Heart Container. Link can cook with it on an open flame to make a Roasted Carp, which restores one and a half hearts, or prepare a Frozen Carp by setting it out in very cold areas, which restores one heart and grants Heat Resistance for a short period of time. Unlike the Mighty Carp and Armored Carp, it does not provide any additional effects when cooked.

Its in-game description reveals that it is a prize-winning domesticated breed of Armored Carp. Its coloration is reminiscent of the Koi carps variety; this is because Kakariko Village is heavily inspired by East Asian culture. As such, it can be found living in bodies of water in or around the village such as Lantern Lake.

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