"These seals use their large flippers to move through the sand as if swimming. They were once wild animals but have since been domesticated by the Gerudo. They rely on their excellent hearing to find their way while submerged in the sand. Their large, distinct tusks look pretty ferocious, but their favorite food is actually fruit."
Hyrule Compendium

Sand Seals are a race from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are walrus-like creatures native of the Gerudo Desert region. Sand Seals are able to quickly traverse the vast desert by swimming through sand. They are known to be frugivorous, wild ones probably subsist off fruits native to the desert region such Hydromelon, Voltfruit and Palm Fruit.


Sand Seals can swim through the sands of Gerudo Desert. Since most areas of the desert are inaccessible to horses, the Gerudo use seals to cross the vast desert by attaching a rope and tracking a Shield to surf behind them. Surfing behind a Sand Seal does not significantly reduce the shield's durability. Due to their role as a form of transportation, the Gerudo have domesticated Sand Seals and rent them to travelers at the Sand Seal Rental Shop. Sand Seal Racing is a traditional sport among the Gerudo. Participants may use wild sand seals in the races.

One of the most notable Sand Seals is the oracle Patricia who is owned by Gerudo Chief Riju. Patricia will provide prophecies and other words of wisdom if a fruit is offered to her. As she is unable to speak, her caretaker Panna will translate her barks, although she often omits the "seal" based word puns that Patricia often uses.

During his quest, Link uses Sand Seals as a method of traveling quickly through the desert. He can use either a wild one or a rent one from Gerudo Town. Link can tame a wild Sand Seal by approaching it from behind and attaching a rope. However, wild Sand Seals will flee if Link runs away, leaves the sandy area, or does not remount fast enough. One of Patricia's hints reveals that Link can stun wild Sand Seals using Remote Bombs and catch one without sneaking up on it.