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This article is about the A Link Between Worlds item. For the item from Spirit Tracks, see Sand Wand.

The Sand Rod is an item from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. The Sand Rod can be used in desert areas to create raised blocks of sand. Link can either walk on or merge onto these blocks. If used on a non-sand surface, it will produce a small burst of dust instead, which is capable of stunning targets. The Sand Rod is required to enter the Desert Palace. It is only available after completing the Thieves' Hideout. After Link completes the Thieves' Hideout, Sheerow takes the Sand Rod Osfala had taken and returns it to Ravio. After that, can be rented for 50 Rupees or bought for 800. Mother Maiamai can upgrade the Sand Rod into the Nice Sand Rod.

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