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Sahasrahla's Grandson is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. He is the grandson of Kakariko Village's elder, Sahasrahla.


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After Link rescues Princess Zelda from Hyrule Castle's dungeon and speaks with the Loyal Sage in the Sanctuary, he travels to Kakariko Village to speak to the town's elder. Once he arrives however, the elder's grandson informs Link that Sahasrahla has gone into hiding in the Eastern Palace, and he marks the location on Link's map. He also tells Link to keep it a secret due to the "bad people" in the village.

If Link returns to Kakariko Village after meeting up with Sahasrahla for the first time, Sahasrahla's Grandson tells Link that if all the "bad people" go away, his grandfather will be able to return to the village.

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