The Rusty Bell is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Once belonging to Cap'n, this old bell can be found in Samasa Desert.

Upon entering the Pirate Ship in the middle of Samasa Desert, the Desert Piratian's spirit will ask Link to find his skull. After picking it up in the northeast corner of the desert, it tells Link that it can help him find the Rusty Bell and it will alert him when he is near the quicksand pit containing the item. After falling down the correct quicksand pit, Link will find the Rusty Bell.

Cap'n will not be happy with the condition of the bell, however, and demands that it be repaired. Link must then take it to the Subrosian Smithy, where the Master will repair it, at which point it will be known as the Pirate's Bell.

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