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Rupee Thief is a special type of enemy that appears during Adventure Mode Rupee Competitions in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. As their name implies, they are enemies that steal Rupees from the player. Since the goal of Rupee competitions is to collect more Rupees than the enemy, the Rupee Thief is a dangerous enemy during these scenarios, as they can put the player at a disadvantage. However like the Item Thief, the player can reclaim their stolen Rupees by defeating the Rupee Thief.

Generally a Rupee Thief should be dealt with quickly, so the player can get back to collecting more Rupees. Should one take to long, the enemy may be too far ahead to catch up.

Of course, if the player has accumulated a large amount of Rupees that is greater than their enemy's amount, then the Rupee Thief can be ignored.

The Rupee Thief appearance varies as they can appear as various Enforcer class enemies (such as Big Poes, Dinolfos, Lizalfos, etc.). The only difference is their name and unique behavior.

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