"10,000 Rupees collected"
— In-game description

The Rupee Ring is a Magical Ring from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. It can be obtained from Vasu in both Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons after collecting over 10,000 Rupees.

The quickest way to obtain this ring is to dig up soil, kill enemies, or clear sections of grass while wearing the red or Gold Joy Ring. It is advised to go through the entire game first, as Link will collect a large amount of Rupees on his quest. If he has not obtained the ring by the end of game, the above tactic can be used. It should be noted that spending Rupees does not detract from the total; Link merely has to collect 10,000. It should also be noted that if Link obtains the maximum amount of Rupees (999), additional Rupees still count toward the 10,000 total.

The Rupee Ring is merely a recognition for finding 10,000 Rupees or more, and gives no effects when worn.

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