""S-so here's the thing: I run the item shop in Kakariko Village. Or, uh, I did. Until I wasted almost all of my profits on something dumb."
— Runaway Item Seller

The Runaway Item Seller is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. He used to run the item shop in Kakariko Village, but now, he is hiding from his wife in a sealed cave just south of Link's House because he spent most of their savings on an Apple. Despite being the best apple he had ever tasted, his wife became angry and yelled at him. On his next lunch break, he decided to run away and not return. If Link finds him by using a bomb on the wall sealing his hiding spot and talks to him, he will panic about his cover being blown and will request a Scoot Fruit so that he can safely hide in a dungeon. Link will receive a silver Rupee. However, even with the item, the Runaway Item Seller has trouble convincing himself that he is safe. He is unable to decide if he would rather stay in the cavern or head to a dungeon. Regardless, he is happy to have the Scoot Fruit as a backup plan.

Link later finds him in a hidden cave north of the Swamp Palace. As before, Link must use a bomb on the wall in between two rocks in order to reveal the entrance. The Runaway Item Seller is then found trembling in the corner, pleading that he is innocent. When he notices Link, he immediately asks if his wife sent him. He is surprised that Link found him, because he sealed up the entrance so that no one would find it, and he fears that Link will take him back to Kakariko Village. Once he realizes Link is harmless, he asks Link for help and explains his story. At the end, he tells Link that he thinks he should go and hide away in a secluded area, such as a dungeon.