"The shimmering emblem design of this saddle signifies its origins with the Hyrulean royal family. They say Princess Zelda herself once used this saddle for her own beloved horse. "
— In-game description

The Royal Saddle is a key item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a saddle that Link can equip to his horse. It can be obtained as a reward after completing the side quest "The Royal White Stallion". This saddle is said to have once been used by Princess Zelda for her White Stallion before the fall of Hyrule during the Great Calamity.

In one of Link's recovered memories, Princess Zelda can be seen riding her Royal White Stallion mentioned by Toffa, and it is equipped with the Royal Saddle and Bridle.


Toffa inherited the saddle from his grandfather along with the Royal Bridle. He gives them to Link as rewards for taming and registering the White Stallion living on Safula Hill, as part of the side quest "The Royal White Stallion". Toffa believes the Horse is the descendant of Zelda's Horse. The Royal Saddle is automatically equipped to the White Stallion at the end of the quest, but Link can equip it to other horses as well.


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