"This Sheikah-made spear was created using ancient technology to combat the Calamity. Its attack power is very high, but a critical design flaw left it with poor durability."
— In-game description

The Royal Guard's Spear is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a spear created using Ancient Sheikah technology to combat Calamity Ganon and its design was based on the Royal Halberd, though it has a darker coloration. While its attack power is very high, a critical design flaw left it with poor durability, making it less effective.

Related Side Quest

During the Side Quest "The Royal Guard's Gear", Parcy asks Link to obtain her a piece of "Royal Guard" series equipment which can be found in Hyrule Castle. Link can bring her any "Royal Guard" series equipment including a Royal Guard's Spear which she will trade Link Gemstones for in exchange. After the quest is completed, Link can continue to trade her "Royal Guard" series equipment.

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