Unofficial Name

The Royal Family of Hytopia is a the Royal Family that rules the land of Hytopia. It appears in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.


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The Royal Family of Hytopia currently consists of King Tuft and his daughter Princess Styla. They ruled the peaceful land of Hytopia and Styla who was known for her fashion sense was beloved by her people. However that all changed when the Drablands Witch, The Lady sent Styla the Cursed Tights, an unstylish and irremovable jumpsuit that caused Princess Styla to remained locked in her room out of embarrassment. The curse caused the people of Hytopia to believe they would be cursed if they where fashionable, causing them to dress down or stay indoors out of fear of being cursed as well. Remembering the legend of the Tri Force Heroes, King Tuft order Sir Combsly of the Royal guard to find heroes to search the Drablands for the Lady in the hopes of capturing her, and force her to break the curse. Eventually, Link arrives in Hytopia and answers the call to arms. Aided by Madam Couture, the Tri Force Heroes manage to collect the materials necessary to create the Lady's Ensemble while defeating the Lady in the process. Wearing the Lady's Ensemble, Link is able to break the curse and remove the Cursed Tights from Princess Styla.

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