"Usually, I don't allow the likes of you in my Royal Chamber, but today is different!"
Deku King

The Royal Chamber, also known as the Deku King's Chamber, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Located within the Deku Palace, the Royal Chamber is the throne room for the Deku Royal Family.


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When Link first visits the Deku Palace, he is only allowed to enter the Royal Chamber if he is in his Deku form. Here, he finds the outraged Deku King, who is preparing to "punish" the Imprisoned Monkey because he believes the monkey kidnapped his daughter, the Deku Princess. The Deku Butler attempts to calm down the Deku King, but it is of little use; Link is left with no choice but to find the Deku Princess and clear the Imprisoned Monkey's name.

If Link successfully travels through the Inner Palace Garden and reaches the inside of the Imprisoned Monkey's cage (which is found in the Royal Chamber), the monkey teaches Link the "Sonata of Awakening", which is required to enter the Woodfall Temple. The Deku King overhears this and becomes fully convinced that the monkey had indeed kidnapped the Deku Princess. Because of this, Link is kicked out of the Deku Palace, and the torture of the Imprisoned Monkey commences; if Link returns to the Royal Chamber he finds the monkey being dipped into a cauldron of boiling water.

After Link defeats Odolwa in Woodfall Temple, he gains access to the Deku Princess's holding cell. Here, he puts her inside a bottle and then returns to the Deku Palace. When the Deku Princess is released in the Royal Chamber, she scolds the Deku King and demands that the monkey be set free. After this, Link can find the Deku King, Deku Princess, monkey, and many Deku guards acting civilized towards each other in the Royal Chamber.

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