Rota Ooh Shrine is a Shrine from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Sheikah Monk Rota Ooh offers a Spirit Orb to Link upon completion the Passing the Gate Trial.

"Passing the Gate"

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This trial is a challenge of mind, pitting Link to clear the obstruction using the Bow and Arrows. Using it on the switch to open the path to the Ancient orb then move it to the basket before reset the obstruction. Once the wall is placed back in its correct pattern, Link can throw the Ancient orb into the basket above the water, it may be easier to throw the orb while stand next to the locked gate. Shoot the switch to get the Ancient orb into the recess. Do that will activating the spring platform. Link will go to the chest on the right once he is past the obstruction to obtain the Small Key. Once the Small Key is in the hand, Link returns to the obstruction and hit the switch. Once the gate is aground, Link can unlock it. With the gate unlocked, Link can hit the switch once again then he get on the spring platform. When Link was send into the air, he can use the Paraglider to guide himself to the platform of the obstruction, or at least, guiding himself to the suspending chest on the opposite side from the entrance. That chest contained the Feathered Edge. Link can either gliding back to the platform or get himself spring up again. Once Link is next to the switch, he can place the square Remote Bomb Rune next to it, and stands on the platform used for the Ancient orb. Once the bomb blew, Link will be back on top then works his way across the platform to Sheikah Monk Rota Ooh's altar. Once he arrives, Rota Ooh will bestow Link a Spirit Orb.

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