— Rose

Rose is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. She lives with her family on Outset Island.


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Rose is the mother of Joel and Zill and the wife of Abe. She has an affinity for animals, which could be seen by her love of the pigs that Link gives her. When Abe first proposed to her, she was hesitant to accept. After several endeavors, Rose agreed and they got married.

On Link's birthday, Rose asks Link if he could get her a pet. Link can then catch a pig and give it to her to receive 20 Rupees. Link can do this two more times, and receives 20 Rupees for each pig he brings.

When Link later returns to Outset, there is only one very large pig named Link. Rose tells Link that they named the pig after him. She also tells Link the other pigs ran away. However, it is heavily implied that they actually ate them, as Zill then says "It was delicious!" when talking about the other two pigs.

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