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Romantic Fishing

A screenshot of part of the Romantic Fishing sidequest

Romantic Fishing is a side quest in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Link has to find Joanne on Bannan Island, then catch a Loovar, a Toona, and a Skippyjack to get the Big Catch Lure, so that he can catch Rusty Swordfish, and finally find the Neptoona to get a Heart Container.

How to Fish

When a fish shadow is observed beneath Link in the ocean, select 'Fish' under the menu screen. Follow the on-screen directions for when to pull by drawing a line backwards on the touch screen. Watch the meter while pulling; when it reaches a high green level, make circles on the touch screen. Once the meter is in the red, pull back and maintain as straight a line as possible.

Fish Descriptions


  • Very small (1' 6" - 2' 6")
  • Blue/white marks
  • Very easy to reel
  • Rarely jumps
  • Common without the Big Catch Lure/Rare with the Big Catch Lure (2/20)


  • Small (3'-4'7")
  • Red/white stomach
  • Easy to reel
  • Jumps frequently
  • Uncommon/Rare with the lure (2/20)


  • Medium(5'5"-6'9")
  • Purple-pink/white stomach
  • Medium to reel
  • Jumps medium
  • Common/Common on regular fish spots (9/20)

Rusty Swordfish

  • Large (11' 11"-12'9")
  • Purple/blue marks
  • Hard to reel
  • Jumps medium
  • Rare on swordfish spots (7/20)


  • Huge
  • Blue/white stomach
  • Very hard to reel
  • Jumps range between medium and high
  • Green pattern on back

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