"Oh, really?! Do it your way? Go your own way? What a buncha garbage! All this endless babbling about living with a lust for adventure. Can that put food on the table? Can that make your family happy? Going your own way is no survive in this life. My way's a lot better. Staying home, eating cheese, that's the life!"
— Romanos

Romanos is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. He lives on the eastern coast of Molida Island with his mother. His father, the Old Wayfarer, left him and his mother on the island some time before the events of the game to go exploring. Romanos, unlike his mother, has been unable to forgive his father for this.

When Link first meets Romanos and mentions that he wishes to reach the Isle of Gust, Romanos's built up anger is released. He demands that Link leave immediately, but as Link nears the door, he calls him back. He apologizes and tells Link that his father discovered a way through the Foggy Passage and that he might be able to find more information in the cave outside his house.

After completing the Temple of Courage, Romanos sends Link a letter telling him he has found a new calling in life. Upon visiting his house, Link finds that he has transformed it into a Shooting Gallery. Romanos reveals that upon reading his father's journal in his second hideout, he too decided to become an adventurer and is using the mini-game to fund his explorations.

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