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"Ooh, that caught your eye, did it? I made that game, y'know! I gave it a really fun name, too... ROLLGOAL! It costs 5 Rupees to play, but you win 10 Rupees if you make it to the goal! Well? So? Wanna play?"

Rollgoal is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It can be played in Hena's cabin in the Fishing Hole. Rollgoal costs five Rupees to play, and if Link manages to win a round, he is rewarded with 10 Rupees.

Rollgoal consists of rolling a ball to an end zone with the movement of the box in which it is. The ball, however, must stay on a track and, if the ball falls off, Link loses. Not following the correct path (skipping over gaps) is considered cheating, and Hena will start the game over. There is a total of eight levels, each containing eight rounds. Completing Levels 1 through 8 will reward Link with the Frog Lure, and completing all the levels will grant Link the ability to choose whichever level he wants to play without a time limit.

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