Rok Uwog Shrine is a Shrine from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the Hebra Mountains at Pikida Stonegrove. The Sheikah Monk Rok Uwog puts forth the trial Power of Reach, offering a Spirit Orb to Link once the trial is completed.


Link arrives in a room containing several braziers and various patches of vines along the walls and floor, as well as two doorways which are either barred or locked. On a ledge along the wall directly opposite the entrance is a Chest containing a Drillshaft which is accessible using the Magnesis Rune. Once the vines on the wall to the left of the entrance are burned, a hole is revealed granting access to the room beyond the barred doorway. This room contains one Guardian Scout armed with a Spear, and a ramp resting on a stack of metal and wooden boxes. Once the ramp is lowered, the area beyond contains another Guardian Scout, also wielding a Spear. Further along the hallway to the right is another barred doorway and a wall of bars through which a Foot Switch can be seen being held down by two barrels. Once the barrels are burned or removed, the switch deactivates and the doorway is opened. A Chest on the right side of the room contains a Small Key. Link can then climb a ladder which leads back to the first room, where he can now unlock the door to the right of the entrance and gain access to Rok Uwog's pedestal.