"Master Rohan is a godly blacksmith. He's responsible for keepin' the ancient arts alive! I'm afraid Master Rohan is hard at work. If you wanna talk to him, be sure to approach him carefully."

Rohan is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Rohan is an elderly Goron Blacksmith who forges tools and weapons in his smithy at Goron City in Eldin Canyon region of Hyrule. According to Fugo, Rohan's talent as a blacksmith is godly and he is responsible for keeping the ancient arts alive. Rohan's skill is so great, he is the only person capable of reforging the Boulder Breaker the legendary Hammer Sword once wielded by Goron Champion Daruk, a sword which is even stronger than the Biggoron's Sword, indicating that his skills are at the very least in the same league as those of the legendary Goron blacksmith, Biggoron. However Rohan has a gruff personality which makes it hard to approach him, though he is friendly enough to allow Link to borrow Iron Sledgehammer near his forge, which Rohan admits was one he screwed up, though it retains the same durability and base attack as any other Iron Sledgehammer indicating that Rohan himself has high standards when it comes to his work.

Blacksmith Shop

After obtaining the Boulder Breaker from Bludo after completing "Divine Beast Vah Rudania", Link can visit Rohan to reforge the legendary weapon whenever it breaks. However Rohan requires a Cobble Crusher (one conveniently spawns next to a house in Goron City) to reforge it.

Weapon Required No. Materials No. Gemstones No.
Cobble Crusher 1 Flint 5 Diamond 1

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