"I wonder how long it's been since the light in Windfall's lighthouse went dark... It was quite a grand sight, I tell you, the way that ray of light shone out like a shaft of gold through the cold darkness. I used to gaze at it with dear Gillian... anyway, I bet if someone could shoot a powerful spark into the top of that lighthouse, it would light up again! Of course, that's just my intuition talking... Then again, you should never doubt a fish's intuition, small fry!"

Rock Spire Isle is narrow piece of land found in square C2 of the Great Sea in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

It is characterized by earthy towers seeming to form a segmented path, possibly made as an intended difficulty by those who do not want people on the island. On each of the structures is a large boulder, denying access to those who wish to jump the towers. However, if one is properly equipped with bombs, the rocks can be destroyed with the cannon from the sea. Careful timing when throwing the bombs can make leaping across the "bridge" possible, although this method is much more likely to result in Link blowing himself up, and is therefore not advised. At the end, there is a deep pit in the ground. Those who enter the cave are greeted by darkness and flocks of Keese. Boko Sticks and torches are also available and offer a much easier experience in destroying the bats. After every last Keese is destroyed, a chest will appear, containing a Treasure Chart.

The Masked Ship sails the waters around this island and has a Piece of Heart, a Treasure Chart, and a Bottle in stock.

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