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"A harp imbued with holy power. The sage's prayer allows it to store the power of wind with a Strong Attack, enabling an evasive attack by pressing A while airborne."
— In-game description

Rito Harp is the default weapon moveset used by the Rito Earth Sage Medli in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Using her Harp, Medli can manipulate the wind to attack with wind gusts and Cyclones. Using her strong attack, Medli can fill up her Wind Meter which allows her to perform a evasive attack by pressing the dodge button while airborne. Performing a strong or weak attack while airborne allows her to perform other aerial attacks.

During certain combos, Medli can transform her arms into her Rito wings to fly and attack. Like in The Wind Waker, Medli can also attack with a beam of light reflected from her harp. She can also play the Earth God's Lyric to summon holy light that creates a Mark of Din that damages enemies.

Her default weapon is the Sacred Harp that she wielded in The Wind Waker. Her Level 2 is the Earth God's Harp that is based on the stone inscription for the Earth God's Lyric. Her Level 3 and Level 4 weapon is the Din's Harp, which is a Harp with the Mark of Din incorporated into its design.

Weapon Levels


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