"You have the privilege of standing in Ripped and Shredded, my armor shop. How can I help ya?"

Ripped and Shredded is a shop in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It an Armor shop run by the Goron Rogaro in Goron City. The Goron Pyle works at the shop as a greeter. Due to the fact that Gorons hardly wear anything the shop mainly sells flame resistant armor to non-Goron tourists such as Hylians.


"As you can see, this here is my armor shop. Funny thing is, Gorons normally don't wear anything at all. We started sellin' flame-resistant armor for the tourists. I recommend the flamebreaker boots over all else. They're made using gems mined from this very soil. As you'd expect, they have great flame resistance. Give 'em a try! They're the envy of famous warriors the world over!"

The shop's main products are the "Flamebreaker" armor set which grants Flame Guard when worn allowing Link to travel through the volcanic areas of Death Mountain without bursting into flames due to the extreme heat (which can literally roast a Bird Egg). If the armor set is upgraded to level 2 or higher it grants the Fireproof effect which makes Link invulnerable to damage from fire, molten rock, or fire-based attacks, though offers no protection from molten lava. It should be noted that the Flamebreaker Armor can also be obtained from Kima in the Side Quest "Fireproof Lizard Roundup" which is advisable as the other pieces of the set are expensive. Kima himself has apparently been to Ripped and Shredded which is wear he obtained the Flamebreaker Armor he gives to Link and the expensive Flamebreaker Helm which he refuses to part with as it cost him 2,000 Rupees which is the most expensive item at Ripped and Shredded. Like most shops in Breath of the Wild, Link can also sell items to Rogaro in exchange for Rupees. Rogaro himself recommends the Flamebreaker Boots which are made from gemstones extracted from the soil of Death Mountain.

If Link does not have enough money to purchase the armor sold at the shop, he can hunt for gemstones by breaking Ore Deposits on Death Mountain and sell them in Goron City to make enough money to purchase them. The armor set is well worth the investment as Link can upgrade the armor set to Level 2 to gain the Fireproof set bonus which is useful for combating the fire-based enemies on Death Mountain and allows Link to climb on molten rocks or Igneo Talus without cooling them down and allow him to pick up and throw Igneo Pebblits.


Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Flamebreaker Helm 1 2,000
Flamebreaker Armor 1 600
Flamebreaker Boots 1 700