The Riola Spring is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the West Necluda region, south of Mount Floria and connected to Floria Falls by a waterfall and short river.


The land around Riola Spring is made up of steep, russet cliffs covered in long, lush grass and tropical trees, some growing Mighty Bananas and Hearty Durians and many of which can be cut down by Link for wood. Many animals can be found here, with Water Buffalo, Blue Winged Heron, Rainbow Sparrow and Hightail Lizards over the land and both Hearty and Hylian Bass in the spring itself. The great dragon Farosh will appear here during Blood Moon nighttimes and bathe in the water, completely submerging itself.

Link can find three Koroks in Riola Spring and the surrounding area. The first by standing on a tree stump at the base of the waterfall and passing through the ring it spawns before it disappears; the second by removing the correct Durians from the three trees on the island in the middle of the unnamed lake to the east; and the third by by placing a small metal rock into the center of the westernmost, partly submerged, square, pillar like structure to which it’s chained.

Link can also find a great deal of treasure within Riola Spring. Six metal chest are scattered under the water and contain a Phrenic Bow, Opal, five Shock Arrows, ten regular Arrows and two Purple Rupees in total. Four wooden chests can also be found under the large boulders in the center of the two remaining square, pillar like structures with a Sapphire and Royal Halberd in the chests under the northernmost rock and five Ice Arrows and five Fire Arrows in the chests under the rock to the south.

Both it and the surrounding area are prone to storms.