"Ice that glowed red possessed magical properties. Heat could not melt it, but the supernatural flame of Blue Fire could. The fire burned in the Ice Cavern, and travelers who bottled it could save it until coming across a treasure chilled in crimson."
— Nintendo Power Player's Guide description
Red Ice

Red Ice is an object from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This enchanted ice has a red tint and can only be melted with Blue Fire. Red Ice is found primarily in the Ice Cavern. Encased in the blocks of red ice are a variety of items, including Rupees, Treasure Chests, a Piece of Heart, and, occasionally, nothing. Two blocks of Red Ice can be found in Zora's Domain, one encasing King Zora, and one blocking the entrance to the Zora Shop. If King Zora is unfrozen, he rewards Link with the Zora Tunic.

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