Unofficial Name

The Rabbitland Rescue Man's Wife is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. She is, as her name implies, the wife of the Rabbitland Rescue Man. Prior to the events of the game, her husband left her and built a home for Rabbits called the Rabbitland Rescue.


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During the game, the Rabbitland Rescue Man's Wife resides in Castle Town, and wonders where her husband has gone. If Link has already visited the Rabbitland Rescue Man, she asks him to take her to him in the Spirit Train. After arriving at the Rabbitland Rescue, she is outraged at her husband's obsession with rabbits once she sees his rabbit costume. She asks Link to bring her back to Castle Town, but changes her mind after thinking it over. She then stays at the Rabbitland Rescue with her husband.

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