Rabbitland Rescue Sprite

The Rabbitland Rescue, also known as Rabbit Haven, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Located in the northwestern portion of the Forest Realm, captured rabbits can be brought to the Rabbitland Rescue Man for a reward. The area is divided into five distinct realms, resembling the map of New Hyrule. By examining one of the rabbits in an area, it will tell Link how many he has found from that realm. A Treasure Chest can be found in the middle of the ocean area.

A total of fifty rabbits can be found in New Hyrule, ten from each realm. For each rabbit Link collects, he is rewarded ten Rupees. After collecting a certain amount of rabbits, Link will also receive other various prizes. The first reward, a Heart Container, is awarded after capturing five rabbits. When Link captures all ten rabbits from a particular realm, he is rewarded with a random treasure. Once Link captures all fifty rabbits, he is rewarded with a Swordsman's Scroll containing the Sword Beam ability.

At one point in the game, the Rabbitland Rescue Man's Wife, who lives in Castle Town, requests that Link take her to her husband. Upon seeing him, she expresses her disgust with him and requests that Link take her back to Castle Town, but decides to stay at the last moment. She gives Link a Force Gem and remains at the Rabbitland Rescue for the remainder of the game.


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