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"This skittish monster prefers to hide in small holes or inside the skeletal remains of deceased creatures. Once the cowardly Pyrup finds a small space from which to spit flames, it becomes unapproachable."

Pyrups are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are seal-like creatures that inhabit the Eldin Volcano region. Pyrups will hide in the skeletal remains of other creatures and small holes, and will breath fire whenever Link approaches them, forcing him to fight them from long distances. He can defeat them through the use of bombs or Bomb Flowers. When they hide in wall crevices, rolling a bomb is the easiest attack method; however, the stream of fire will detonate bombs, requiring Link to angle the bomb's roll so that it explodes next to the crevice opening. When hiding inside a skull, Pyrups will breathe fire and slowly turn, making bomb-rolling much more difficult. In this case it becomes more effective to use the Hook Beetle to drop a bomb into the hole atop the skull, or, if they have not spotted Link, to carefully line up an overhead throw and toss a bomb into the hole. Three more Pyrups appear in the Sky Keep.


"Pyrup" may be a portmanteau of the latin root "pyro-", as in fire, and the word "pup", which could refer to either the creature's cowardly, skittish behavior and dog-like ears or its seal-like body, since young dogs and seals are both called pups.

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