Pure Metals

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Pure Metals
Crimsonine Azurine Aquanine
From left to right: Crimsonine, Azurine, and Aquanine
First appearance Phantom Hourglass (2007)
Found (Crimsonine)
Goron Temple
Temple of Ice
Mutoh's Temple
Use Needed to forge the Phantom Sword
"When forged, normal metal can never handle that kind of sacred power! Aquanine... Azurine... And Crimsonine... These three pure metals must be forged together to create the Phantom Sword."

The Pure Metals are quest items from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. These three types of steel are required for Zauz to forge the Phantom Sword. Interestingly, the three Pure Metals are referred to as "steel", which itself is an alloy of two other materials and thus not a metal by itself.

Pure Metals

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The first Pure Metal, Crimsonine, is found inside the Goron Temple on Goron Island. It is a treasured possession of the Gorons. Gongoron presents it to Link after they defeat Dongorongo.


The second Pure Metal, Azurine, is found inside the Temple of Ice on the Isle of Frost. It is found after defeating Gleeok. Interestingly, there is a form of crystal called Azurite which is similar to Azurine.


The third Pure Metal, Aquanine, is found inside Mutoh's Temple on the Isle of Ruins. It is given to Link by the spirit of King Mutoh as a gift for for defeating Eox and letting him rest in peace.

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