"Pur-DEE hate YOU!"
— Purdy

Purdy is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The pet cockatiel of Hena, she lives with her mistress at the Fishing Hole on the banks of the Upper Zora's River. The bird is notoriously rude to Link, though this only occurs if Link does something to aggravate her, like shaking her cage, she is actually otherwise quite considerate; still, if Link continually retaliates in any such way, Hena will kick him out of her cabin. Unlike other pet birds seen in the game, such as Trill, Purdy looks like a very normal animal. Purdy's name may be a reference to the word "pretty". Also, Purdy will sometimes remark that Hena is very old, much to Hena's dismay.

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