The Prince of Hyrule is a character from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Though he is never seen in-game, he is mentioned in the game's prologue. He was the son of the King of Hyrule and brother to Princess Zelda. The Prince's father was the one who broke up the unified Triforce and concealed the Triforce of Courage into the Great Palace. Although he did not appear in the series itself, it is assumable that his personality was less than admirable, judging by the King's actions and the artwork depicting the prince. He did however, seemingly somewhat cared for his sister, judging by his later actions.


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When the Prince ascended his throne, he was puzzled by his inability to inherit the entire Triforce. A Magician of the court told the new King that his sister, Princess Zelda, was entrusted by their dying father with a secret that she would not divulge. It is believed that this secret was the location of the Triforce of Courage, although the game manual does not explicitly say so. The Princess was questioned by her brother, but refused to tell him their father's secret. The Magician threatened to curse her if she did not give up this knowledge, which failed to make her bend to their will. Angered by her resolve, the magician put her into an enchanted sleep, which the shocked prince tried to prevent, but failed. The efforts of casting the spell apparently caused the Magician's own death, thus preventing him from undoing said spell.

The brother, grief-stricken, issued a decree that all daughters born to the Royal Family of Hyrule would be given the name of Zelda in memory of the tragedy which befell his sister. He later had his comatose sister locked in the North Castle, where she remained until Link recovered the Triforce of Courage many years later and awakened her.

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In the artwork accompanying the scene where the prince and Magician are interrogating Zelda for the location of the remaining Triforce piece, the Magician is shown to be partially merged with the prince's shadow, implying that the Magician might have possessed the prince into interrogating Zelda.

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