Prankster Poes are a type of Poe and enemy that appears in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.

These Poes resemble ghostly versions of Link and attack by picking up Link and throwing him off platforms. They are only vulnerable when holding a Link or Doppel. Attacking them while they are holding a Link/Doppel will cause Prankster Poes to take damage and drop them. Prankster Poes can be frustrating enemies as they must be attacked before they throw the Link/Doppel they are carrying off the platform, meaning teamwork is required to defeat them in Multiplayer. In single player, one must quickly switch between the Doppel they are holding to one that is free to attack the Prankster Poe and prevent it from throwing the Doppel off the platform (which is the one thing that can actually damage a Doppel).

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