The Poe Scent is a scent from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is found in the Arbiter's Grounds, after defeating a specific Poe using Link's wolf form. The purple-colored scent can be found on the discarded robe of the Poe after its defeat. With this scent, Link can track down the other three Poes who have stolen the four flames needed to open the next door in the dungeon. This can be difficult, as Poe's have the ability to float through walls. At some points, the scent will go right through a solid wall, and Link will have to find a way to get around the wall to the Poe on the other side. When all four are destroyed, the door will open. Oddly, Imp Poes do not emit this scent. This may be because they are a different variety of Poe.