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"That's the cursed isle known as the Forsaken Fortress. There are all sorts of strange rumors about this place. Long ago, it used to be the hideout of a no-good group of pirates we used to compete with... But they were just small-time."

The Pirates of Forsaken Fortress are a group of pirates mentioned in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.


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In the past they were the enemies/rivals of the Tetra's Pirates and originally inhabited the Forsaken Fortress before it was taken over by Ganondorf. During the events of The Wind Waker, it is implied that this crew no longer exists and what became of them is a mystery.

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Hyrule Warriors Legends

"This place was the hideout of small-time pirates. It seems pretty dangerous now."

In Wind Waker: A New Disturbance, when entering one of the Fortress' Keeps, Tetra briefly mentions them as the former owners of the Forsaken Fortress.

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One possibility is that the Pirates of Forsaken Fortress where Blin pirates (Bokoblins, Moblins, Miniblins, and Big Blins). Miniblins and Big Blins are shown to engage in piracy in Spirit Tracks. One possibility is that the Blin Pirates of Forsaken Fortress where annexed into Ganondorf's forces when he took over the Forsaken Fortress. This may explain the presence of Submarines, and Lookout Platforms which are often manned by Bokoblins, Miniblins, and Moblins on the Great Sea, which may be a part of the Pirates of Forsaken Fortress that became part of Ganondorf's forces or indication that they continue to engage in piracy.


One theory is that the Pirates where Gerudo (or their descendants) that survived the Great Flood. As a race of thieves, it is likely that the Gerudo would switch to piracy after they began living on the Great Sea. The Gerudo also have a history of living in fortified structures like Gerudo's Fortress and Pirates' Fortress. Also Gerudo Pirates known to appear in Termina. One explanation for their disappearance may be they died out, possibly due to an inability to find other human males to mate with and/or where unable to adept to living on the Great Sea. Another possibility is that Ganondorf choose Forsaken Fortress due to it being inhabited by fellow Gerudo. It is possible that the Gerudo refused to accept him as their king as they had in the past (likely aware of the ancient Gerudo King's evil nature due to the Sage of Spirit Nabooru's influence), leading Ganondorf to either kill or drove them from the fortress for their defiance. If the Gerudo had already abandoned or died off, Ganondorf may have chosen the Fortress due to its association with his people.

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