"Hyrule's fruit vendor. She hates vegetables so she won't even sell tomatoes even though they technically ARE fruits. Freak."

Pina is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. She is located in the market of Hyrule Town, where she is constantly arguing with Brocco about fruits and vegetables. During the Picori Festival, she offers Princess Zelda a Heart Container, a Red Rupee, or the Small Shield for winning a raffle. The Princess chooses the Small Shield, much to Pina's dismay. At various times throughout the game, Pina will be willing to fuse Kinstones with Link.


It is quite possible that Pina's name originates from the tropical plant and fruit, pineapple. This idea is furthered by the fact that Pina's appearance slightly resembles a pineapple, in similar fashion to how Brocco's appearance slightly resembles a piece of broccoli.

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