Pigeons are a race of animals from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There are four different subspecies: Wood, Rainbow, Hotfeather and White. Although largely herbivorous they will not pass up the opportunity to supplement their diet with the occasional earthworm. Like all wild animals in the game they can be hunted by Link for food.

Wood pigeon

The most common and least intelligent type of pigeon, wood pigeons can be found throughout the grasslands, forests, or even villages of Hyrule. These birds are grey in colour, with a light grey underbelly and purple head and neck. They drop Raw Bird Drumsticks when killed.

Rainbow pigeon

Found mainly throughout the Hyrule Ridge and Great Hyrule Forest regions, Rainbow Pigeons are famous for their colorful plumage, which is a vibrant purple overall with a yellow, red and orange underbelly. They drop Raw Bird Thighs when killed.

Hotfeather pigeon

Hotfeather pigeons live in the Eldin province near Death Mountain region. They are mainly red in appearance with orange spots on their chest and grey wings and head, this plumage is fireproof and, according to the Hyrule Compendium, used by Hylians as a valuable clothing material. They drop raw bird thighs when killed.

White pigeon

White pigeons are, as their name suggests, almost entirely white, bar the gray spots over their chest and red rims around their eyes. They inhabit the Hebra province and Gerudo Highlands region, where their plumage and extra layer of fat helps them survive in the snow. They may be most closely related to wood pigeons as it is said that a wood pigeon survived atop a snowy mountain by changing its feathers to blend in with the snow and soon after became a white pigeon. They drop either raw bird thighs or a Raw Whole Bird when killed.