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Phantom Ganon is a boss and the main antagonist of the Era of the Great Sea story arc from Hyrule Warriors Legends. He is based on Phantom Ganon from The Wind Waker. Phantom Ganon is an artificial Ghost and doppelgänger created by Ganondorf in his own image.


Phantom Ganon appears in his design in The Wind Waker; however, he is far larger, comparable in size to other giant bosses.

Background and History

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The Evil Spirit from Beyond

In the Era of the Hero of Time, some point after becoming the King of Evil, Ganondorf created a phantom of himself to curse and guard the Forest Temple to prevent a new Sage of the Forest from awakening. When the destined Sage of the Forest, Saria entered the Temple to halt the evil spreading through the Lost Woods and Kokiri Forest, she was captured and held prisoner, preventing the Great Deku Tree's Sprout from emerging, allowing Ganondorf's evil to invade the forest unchecked. Ganondorf had specifically placed Phantom Ganon in the Temple, knowing that the Hero of Time originally came from the forest and would likely return there once he awoke from his seven year slumber. Deep within the Temple, Phantom Ganon was aided by the Poe Sisters, Stalfos, and rode a horse that resemble Ganondorf's Steed. To further his resemblance to his master, Phantom Ganon worn a mask of his master's face, allowing him to masquerade as his master to surprise and unnerve the Hero of Time should he appear. After defeating the Poe Sisters and two Stalfos that guarded the Fairy Bow, the Hero of Time entered the room full of portraits where Phantom Ganon resided. Posing as Ganondorf, Phantom Ganon startled the Hero of Time, before revealing his deception by removing his mask, revealing his ghostly visage. Riding his steed, he leap into one of the paintings, attacking the Hero in a hit and run fashion. However using the Fairy Bow, the Hero managed to defeat Phantom Ganon's Horse, forcing him to fight the hero directly. Attacking with balls of magic, the Hero countered by reflecting the balls back at the specter with his sword. By using the Phantom's own magic against him, the Hero managed stunned the specter, allowing him to attack Phantom Ganon with the Master Sword. Unable to withstand power the Blade of Evil's Bane, Phantom Ganon was defeated. Disappointed by his creations performance, Ganondorf banished Phantom Ganon to the Gap Between Dimensions as punishment. However by creating Phantom Ganon, Ganondorf himself had allowed the Hero of Time to develop a way to counter magical attacks, which he would later use against the King of Evil himself, ultimately leading to the tyrant's downfall.

Era of the Great Sea

Ganondorf was eventually imprisoned in the Sacred Realm by the Hero of Time and the Seven Sages lead by Princess Zelda, who used the Ocarina of Time to send the Hero of Time back in time seven to relive his stolen childhood. The Hero of Time become a legend and was hailed throughout the land of Hyrule. However Ganon would escape to take his revenge on their descendants, during the reign of King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule. When the Hero of Time did not appear, the people of Hyrule prayed to the Goddesses, who respond with the Great Flood, imprisoning Ganondorf and his forces in Hyrule under a massive sea of water that became known as the Great Sea. However due to his immortality, Ganondorf simply bided his time waiting for a chance to escape his newfound prison, so he could seek out the remaining pieces of the Triforce. At some point, Ganondorf decided to either free the original or created a new Phantom Ganon to replace the previous one that had failed him. Regardless of his origins, this incarnation of Phantom Ganon proved to be a loyal and devoted minion to his creator and master. Eventually, Ganondorf managed to find a way to open a portal within the Forsaken Fortress, an abandoned pirate fortress used by rivals of Tetra's Pirates in the past. Turning the fortress into his base, Ganondorf accompanied by his Phantom Ganon, turned his attention to locating the descendants of the Royal Family of Hyrule, by having Helmaroc King kidnap Hylian girls from across the Great Sea in the hopes of locating the current incarnation of Princess Zelda. Helmaroc King almost managed to capture her, when he grabbed the Pirate Leader, Tetra who carried a piece of the Triforce of Wisdom she inherited from her mother. However it ended up dropping her on Outset Island when it was attacked by Tetra's crew, which lead to it mistakenly kidnap Aryll the kid sister of the current incarnation of the Hero, who would eventually become known as the Hero of Winds. After the hero's first attempt to save his sister ended in disaster, he was saved by a talking boat, called the King of Red Lions that was inhabited by the spirit of King Daphnes, who held the other piece of the Triforce of Wisdom in his possession. Guided by his new companion, the Hero of Winds journeyed to submerged Hyrule and retrieved the Master Sword its chamber under Hyrule Castle. With the Master Sword, the Hero of Winds journeyed back to Forsaken Fortress. However Phantom Ganon was waiting for him and attacked the boy, who countered his magic with the same technique used by the Hero of Time, managing to drive off the specter. However this would not be his last encounter with the Phantom. With the help of Tetra's crew and the Skull Hammer he obtained from defeating Phantom Ganon, the Hero of Winds managed to rescue his sister, but knew that he still had to deal with Ganondorf, himself. However unbeknownst to either King Daphnes or the Hero of Winds, Ganondorf had sent his forces to murder the Sages of the Master Sword, causing the blade to lose its power to destroy evil. Without the Master Sword rendered useless, Ganondorf easily defeated the Hero and only survived the encounter through the intervention of Tetra, Valoo, and the Rito, though the encounter allow Ganondorf to discover Tetra's identity. Eventually, the Hero of Winds managed to restore both the Master Sword and obtain the pieces of the Triforce of Courage, while Ganondorf manage to kidnap Tetra who had been transformed into Princess Zelda after obtaining King Daphnes piece of the Triforce of Wisdom. As the Hero of Winds made his way through Ganon's Tower, Phantom Ganon confronted the Hero once more inside the Illusionary Room maze. This time Phantom Ganon tried to confuse the Hero with illusionary copies of himself and engages him multiple times within. Despite the ghost tenacity, the hero eventually manages to defeat him using the Light Arrows he finds during his battles with Phantom Ganon inside the maze. Picking up the phantom's dropped sword, the hero uses it to escape the maze and continue onward to his final battle with Ganondorf. Ultimately, Ganondorf is defeated and Hyrule is completely flooded.

War Across the Ages

Meanwhile in another timeline, an alternate version of Ganondorf/Ganon has his soul split into four fragments by another incarnation of the Hero after centuries of conflicts fought over the Triforce, causing his spirit to corrupt the Guardian of Time, causing her to split into the Dark Sorceress, Cia and the White Sorceress, Lana. Manipulating Cia, Ganondorf has her use the Triforce to warp time and space to free three fragments of his soul sealed in various eras and timelines. Eventually the Demon King Ganondorf manages to fully restore himself and with the aid of Zant and Ghirahim, manages to obtain the complete Triforce. However due to his arrogance, Ganon is eventually defeated by the Hyrulean Forces, Lana, and their allies from across the ages and the seal on his soul is restored. However, unbeknownst to them the Demon King's phantom would continue to plague Hyrule in his master's absence.

Wind Waker: A New Disturbance

After the battle with Ganon, Lana took back the Triforce of Power and returned to the Valley of the Seers and used her crystal ball to search for Cia, who had vanished following her defeat. However while she was distracted, a mysterious dark figure attacked her and stole the Triforce of Power. Shortly after this, time and space once again became warped, however only to a single alternate timeline, the alternate future Era known as the Era of the Great Sea. Seeing this, Impa and Princess Zelda summoned Link to investigate, while they remained behind in Hyrule Castle. Link came upon Forsaken Fortress (Hyrule Warriors), merged with several Great Sea islands such as Windfall and Dragon Roost Islands. There he encountered Tetra, who was fighting against the Monster Forces lead by Boss Blin who Link and Tetra managed to defeat, despite the interference of the Great Bird, Helmaroc King. However their victory was short lived as Helmaroc King kidnapped Tetra as he had in the Era of the Great Sea. Link chased after the bird to save his new ally.

Wind Waker: The Search for Cia

Meanwhile, after losing the Triforce of Power, Lana sensed several Gate of Souls opening in Gerudo Desert and journeyed their to close them with an army of Hyrulean Forces, Gorons hoping that it might lead her to Cia. They discovered Big Blins guarding the Gates, which Lana surmised would close if they where defeated. Her theory proved correct and she focused her attack on the Big Blins to close the gates. However her forces were distracted by Helmaroc King, who suddenly appeared in the Arbiter's Grounds. Lana tried to ignore the bird, believing it was only searching for a place to roost. However while Helmaroc King rested, Tetra snuck away to the southern part of the desert and tried to convince Lana to help her, though the two got off on the wrong foot due to Tetra's snappy attitude and Lana being focused on closing the gates. To make matters worse, Helmaroc King awoke and tried to reclaim Tetra, which the Monster Forces took advantage of. Fortunately, Link arrived and convinced Lana to help save Tetra. After driving off the Great Bird, the Monster Forces, and closing the rest of the gates, Tetra joined Lana and Link in defeating Helmaroc King.

After the battle, they were approached by King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, the King of Red Lions himself. He explained to the trio that the mysterious figure who stole the Triforce of Power like Tetra and himself, originated from the Era of the Great Sea. Joining forces with the ancient King of Hyrule, the trio journeyed to the Temple of Souls to find Cia.

Wind Waker: Reclaiming the Darkness

Upon arriving at the Temple of Souls, they were confronted by Dark Cia, a Dark shadowy doppelgänger of Cia. Together King Daphnes, Lana, Link, and Tetra managed to force Dark Cia to retreat, allowing Lana to free Cia who had been sealed within the Temple of Souls. Revealing that Dark Cia was absorbing Cia's magic in order to "become her", the weakened Cia joined forces with her former enemies, Lana and Link as well as Tetra and King Daphnes, who protected the weaken Cia. Eventually they managed to lure out Dark Cia, who was accompanied by two Dark Link. Despite the doppelgängers' resistance, the Hyrulean Forces managed to defeat Dark Cia, allowing Cia to reclaim the magic that was stolen from her.

Following the battle, Cia revealed the identity of the mysterious figure: Phantom Ganon.

Wind Waker: Watchers of the Triforce


As his master's phantom, Phantom Ganon possesses many abilities in common with his master such as weapons (Swords & Tridents), magic attacks, and horse riding skills. As a ghost, Phantom Ganon is able to exist and travel between different dimensions such as between a 3 dimensional plane and 2 dimensional plane. In Hyrule Warriors, he is able to travel from his home era to the alternate timeline and Era of Hyrule Warriors, though it is unknown if Cia and Ganondorf's early misuse of the Triforce to warp time & space had anything to do with his ability to do so. His acquisition of the Triforce of Power and Cia's dark magic apparently allowed him to increase his size and powers considerably. He is also shown to be capable of warping time and space with the Triforce of Power alone, though on a far lesser scale than when Cia (under Ganondorf's control) used the Triforce in a similar manner and only to a single era. He is also shown to be capable of creating a dark doppelgänger of Cia in the form of Dark Cia. He is also quite skilled at creating illusionary phantoms of himself to confuse his opponents.

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Hyrule Warriors Legends Watchers of the Triforce Deadman's Volley (Phantom Ganon Boss Fight)

Link performing Dead Man's Volley against Phantom Ganon in Hyrule Warriors Legends

Though Phantom Ganon is larger than he was in Wind Waker, he fights in a manner similar to his Wind Waker incarnation and can be put into a downed state via the use of Dead Man's Volley. However he also has a few new attacks such as a dual sword version of the Spin Attack. Like in Wind Waker his energy balls can be deflected back at him and hides among Illusion-based phantoms of himself. However he also gains a new weakness, if his backside is attacked while he is laughing following the completion of his dual sword spin attack, it will put him into a downed state making him susceptible to a Weak Point Smash.

In Watchers of the Triforce, a Smash Power Boost (all playable characters must gather around him to trigger it) is required to defeat him.

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