Phantom Ganon (ファントムガノン Fantomu Ganon?) is a boss from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. He is the boss of the Whereabouts of the Wind level, located on the roof of Hyrule Castle. He re-appears inside the Temple of Darkness, serving as the boss of the Dark World.


Hyrule Castle

Phantom Ganon has two basic attacks. First, he slashes at Link with his sword. Second, he fires a colored energy ball corresponding to one of the four Links, initiating a bout of Dead Man's Volley. When there is more than one player, the energy ball bounces between however many Links can be controlled by a player before striking Phantom Ganon. After Link wins a bout, Phantom Ganon will be temporarily stunned, allowing Link to attack him with his sword. After enough hits, Phantom Ganon is defeated, leaving behind numerous Force Gems and opening the passageway to the Blue Maiden.


Phantom Ganon Hyrule Castle (Four Swords Adventures)04:33

Phantom Ganon Hyrule Castle (Four Swords Adventures)

Temple of Darkness

The second battle is much the same as the first. There are, however, three clones of the original, all of which fire white energy balls at Link which will be destroyed rather than reflected when struck, making it difficult to reflect the colored energy ball fired by the real Phantom Ganon. After Phantom Ganon is defeated the same way as before, Link discovers the Dark Mirror is missing, and he rescues the Red Maiden.

When there are multiple players, every player-controlled Link engages one of the clones one-on-one, with the Phantom Ganons firing energy balls the same color as the target Link. The Links have must reflect the energy balls back at the Phantom Ganons with sword strikes. The first three clones to be defeated simply disappear; the remaining clone will fire energy balls that the Links must bounce among themselves before the energy balls strike Phantom Ganon. After the Links stun the last Phantom Ganon and damage it with their swords, the clones respawn, and the process repeats itself once more before the Links defeat Phantom Ganon.


Phantom Ganon Temple of Darkness (Four Swords Adventures)06:35

Phantom Ganon Temple of Darkness (Four Swords Adventures)

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