"Hey. Welcome to the Item Check. ...Oh, it's you again... You've been coming by a lot recently. You're pretty much the only one who comes by regularly, actually... Hey...wait a second... I don't suppose... You don't come by here just to see me, do you?"
— Peatrice

Peatrice is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. She is the proprietor of the Item Check at the Bazaar in Skyloft.


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Peatrice resides together with her father Peater near the Bazaar itself. Lonely and desperately seeking someone to love, she appears distracted and unenthusiastic about her job at times. As the game progresses, Peatrice becomes increasingly infatuated with Link. Inviting Link to her house one night to confess her feelings for him, Link then either returns her affection or breaks her heart. If Link chooses the former, he receives five Gratitude Crystals from her; however, if he chooses to reject her, he receives five Gratitude Crystals from Peater instead, who, not realizing that Link himself was the object of Peatrice's affections, believes that she had been smitten with an unworthy suitor.

If asked to scan Peatrice, Fi advises Link not to tell Zelda in their next encounter of his feelings for Peatrice, if he admitted to liking her. Otherwise, Fi will comment that Peatrice dreams of meeting an ideal male counterpart, even if Link had denied Peatrice, or never even completed this side quest. Likewise, Peatrice continues throughout the game to be overjoyed or depressed in accordance to this side quest's conclusion.

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The name "Peatrice" appears to be a portmanteau of a peahen and the given name Beatrice. Her father's name is also a variation on this portmanteau.